πŸ‘‹ hey, I'm Shawn Pereira

πŸš€ I'm a 24-year-old human Swiss Army Knife. Primarily, I'm an engineer and tinkerer but I'm working on becoming a full-stack startup person.

πŸ”¨ I fiddle around with full stack web apps, smart contracts & NFTs, browser extensions, automations and integrations, Arduinos and Discord bots.

Some other stuff I enjoy is image editing and writing. I plan on maintaining a new blog here soon.

🚧 Website under construction 🚧
Full site coming soon! Meanwhile: Subscribe to my future blog/newsletter lol

πŸ“¦some stuff I made


Product #4 on Product Hunt

Own The 2020s

Product #3 on Product Hunt

Conceptualized, built and shipped in 15 hours


Won #OneMillionWallets hackathon

But wait...

...there's more, lol. I'll add stuff when I figure out a better way to present it here.

πŸ”find me around the web

The best way to reach out to me is via Twitter:

Alternatively, here are other places online you can find me: